Loess Hills Wind Energy provides everything you need, from start to finish...

Site Evaluation-
Loess Hills comes to your site and evaluates wind speed, turbine placement, zoning codes and foundation placement to insure maximum return on your wind energy investment.
Grant Writing-
Loess Hills Wind Energy facilitates avenues available for grant monies from the USDA as well as local governments. 
The USDA offers a grant program for commercial and farm industry of 25% of your total project cost.  The USDA also offers a loan guarantee program

Loan Programs-
Several states have 0% loan programs and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers a 75% loan guarantee program.
Net Metering-
We facilitate all agreements with your local electrical company in regards to net metering (selling electricity back to your power company) generated by your wind turbine.
All turbines are covered by a 5 year warranty program.  Additional warranty coverage is also available.
Our team of installers prepare the site, install the turbine and make sure everything is up and running like clockwork before they leave the site.  This is a turn-key operation for the business, farm or homeowner.
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With government grants and tax credits available to help you find alternate energy sources, now is the perfect time to look at the advantages of wind energy and the unique options available with wind turbines. Wind turbines almost eliminate the pollution and CO2 emissions generated from traditional power sources making them a great option for people who want to significantly reduce their environmental footprint. After nine months of environmentally friendly use, a wind turbine easily pays back the pollution emitted during manufacturing.