Loess Hills Wind Energy of Iowa
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If you have a good windy spot, access to the spot give us a call, we will find out your zoning regulations and perform a free site survey, if the conditions are right in your spot of choice. 

Take a look at the wind maps we have provided to see if your area is considered a good wind producing area.  Keep in mind, just because you may fall out of the preferred area, does not mean you don't have enough wind to produce electricity on a useful basis.

Let Loess Hills Wind Energy of Iowa take the headache out of your wind power experience.


At Loess Hills Wind Energy of Iowa, we are always working on something.  Whether it be installing wind turbines at a college or a campground, a chicken operation or a lumber yard, we have the team and the know-how, to make the wind power experience stress-free and effective

Much of the Phoenix 20kW Wind Turbine is made right here in the United States of America.  We take pride in our USA turbine parts