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a little about wind energy... and the state of Iowa
(furnished by Wikipedia)

Iowa produces more wind energy per capita than any other state. At the end of 2009, the installed capacity for wind power in Iowa was 3670 megawatts (MW), a bit more than 10% of the total wind capacity in the U.S (United States).  As of April 2009, estimates by the Iowa Utilities Board indicate that power generated from wind constitutes about 15% of all electricity generated in Iowa.

The installation of wind power capacity in Iowa has grown rapidly over the last several years. In their end of year report for 2009, the American Wind Energy Association reported that the installed wind power capacity in Iowa was 3670 MW. and enough of an increase to overtake California in wind-energy production. Only Texas has a higher amount of installed wind power capacity. Iowa overtook the long time leader in wind power, California, in 2008.

As a percentage of total power (megawatts) generated by wind power in the state, Iowa is near the top. A March 3, 2010 estimate by the Iowa Policy Project is that wind generates between 17 and 20 percent of the electricity generated in Iowa.  Even before most of 2009's capacity additions, this value was estimated at 15%.

Wind farms in Iowa tend to be sited in the north and west portion of the state. Wind maps show the winds in these areas to be well suited for the development of wind energy. The Story County wind farm, near Colo in central Iowa, and the Whispering Willow Wind -East, east of I-35 in Franklin County, are two of the newer projects.

According to the year end 2009 AWEA report, the top five states with the most installed wind energy capacity and their amounts are:
  • Texas (9,410 MW)
  • Iowa (3,670 MW)
  • California (2,794 MW)
  • Washington (1,980 MW)
  • Minnesota (1,809 MW)                                                                                       

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